Arun vimal Aug 29 2014 11:44 am By seeing the posters, I won't like watching Athena :(. I really love ur acting in The Greatest Love .. But that's why i like youuu oppa.. Keep fighting oppaa. <3. But, love you even more when read about. Don't stop to amaze your fans who support you ...... Can't wait for u'r international debute in acting, Mr Cha Seung Won. Damn he's a fine actor and extremely handsome. He's such a versatile actor. he is one of the best korean actor i'm looking forward seeing his actings, tina May 30 2013 4:23 am Very talented! Always support and waiting ur next drama *bighug Pada tahun 2001 ia mendapat film komedi pertamanya, Kick The Moon, yang terjual lebih dari 4.3 million tiket. Still, I can never forget his face, his act perfectly mastered in drama series Hwajung. omg i absolutely love CSW.i think he is such an amazing actorr. Keep it up, Sanmex Jan 17 2013 9:29 am Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, And Son Ho Jun To Reunite For New “Three Meals A Day” Season. I searched her another drama .. I just saw the photos from A Korean Odyssey and there should be a law against how sexy a man can look!! Such a Great actor! hope to see you soon cha seung won! toi rat muon co duoc dia chi email cua anh cha seung won! Lee Seohwa Apr 21 2020 7:41 am They can pass as siblings! a man that gracefully aging.. From interviews I've seen of him, he's very charismatic and funny in real life....something that grabs your attention and leaves you smiling while wanting more. Loved him in his movies also, especially Secret, Eye for an Eye and 71 Into the Fire. Hey there, though I just saw one of your TV series( The greatest Love) I can Say that You are absolutely Awesome darlin, I have to admire you for such a greaaaaaaaaaaaat acting! Iam a fan of you and ha ji won, i hope you and ha ji won can work together, i think comedy romance will be great...i hope any producer or director read my comment and give two of them some project together...i quarantie that you two work together will be very amazing... Irene Prita May 02 2015 10:18 pm i can feel his genuine emotions he pours into acting. Profile. late to know you but.......LIKE YOU..... A LOT. The film grossed over 2.4 million admissions and drew Cha additional praise for his acting abilities (he would later team up again with director Jang Gyu-seong for 2007 comedy Small Town Rivals[5]). when would your next television series be showing? kachy Sep 10 2014 4:50 am I'm new to Korean cinema so I don't know what other dramas Cha Seund-Won speaks English, but in this drama i agree with (Joel), his English is terrible. nuovi Jul 25 2012 10:02 pm Look forward to many more of your upcoming Drama's and Movies. <3, odette May 24 2014 11:58 pm it's amazing that he can switch from comedy to action xD first saw him in man on high heels ... from then on i watched TGL and some of his famous movies ... and now watching ghost house he is damn funny !! Chajumma, Cha Swing, Cha the cook....etc :D love him, Ann Sep 13 2020 9:48 pm I’m from Brazil and I hope to see more movies from you. He is one of my favorite korean artist.. HOT!!!! He can take on roles as the bad guy in Athena to a charismatic hero in City Hall to a larger than life character as Dokku Jin in The Greatest Love. Thank you to Kong Hyo Jin unnie, because I like her in Pasta then //]]>, //.< Saranghae ajjuhssi! fan club Dec 26 2012 11:07 am i wish i see your new comedy drama so soon A very interesting man, loved his work but first time seeing him. felma Mar 19 2013 5:21 am I want to hug you ( and more ; p hopefully). Eldris Oct 02 2018 1:16 pm I wish you can visit here in the Philippines. Jul 09 2014 2:43 am I can't remember the last kdrama that made me laugh this much. Lam on giup cam on that nhieu dieu gi xin lam on gui vao email ho toi duoc khong ah?xin cam on nhieu!! I watched this serie over and over many times each day and still can't get away from you. When will you entertain us again, Actor Cha? He is certainly in my top 5 Korean actors. Recently i saw ur series The Greatest love. you are so amazing, you are so handsome oppa, ChaCha May 24 2014 6:30 pm Love seung won oppa.^^!! :D, Jenni Dec 11 2011 7:12 pm [42][43], In 2015, Cha appeared in Three Meals a Day: Gochang Village, a cable reality show set on the remote Manjae Island for which he earned the nickname "Chajumma" (from the word ajumma) because of his versatile cooking skills despite the minimal amount of ingredients and implements. ?whether its for real or it was just part of the act but damn????. Dec 05 2017 12:39 pm He's a good and versatile actor. In the greatest love, you so funny, but in athena you're be a bad boy.. Really different.. M.T. Array(); We keep on watching again and again his kdramas because its so good to see over and i er again, thats why please another kdrama please, thank you. I Love chu seung-won . i salute you! wenny fong Oct 29 2012 11:15 am I just finish watching The Greatest Love last night and I can say that it is one of the best korean dramas I ever saw. keLssey Apr 16 2013 4:44 am And his model charisma wave is just like tsunami. im an avid fan of koreans,.and i really love watching korean tv series even movies.but the greatest love is one of the most beautiful tv series that i've watched.the lead characters here are very great.,esp cha seung won..he's so handsome & good looking even if he's age is in 40's already..he's so talented,had a great body & so looking forward to see you in person..if i had a chance to go in korea?keep up the good work cha seung won... naomi misaki Feb 25 2013 6:47 am Even a childish character could turn into a sweet and lovable one by your acting. The 1970s were a "pivot of change", it was an era of economic struggle, cultural change, and technological innovation. Can you please come to singapore?? Is he related to Jin Kyung??? lhaznam Mar 12 2011 3:52 am He made his 4 million dollar fortune with Blood Rain, Secret, Man on High Heels. JN Mar 23 2019 1:27 pm I really love to see your handsome face, great body, sexy voice and great in acting.. wow you are such complete actor.. You are also best kisser.. Make my heart dugeun dugeun.. Actor with great passion.. Hope to see you soon in Romantic comedy drama again like TGL and City Hall..and as a Lead or Main Actor.. I like his hair style and facial hair best in Secret. Cha Seung-won is a Gemini and was born in The Year of the Dog Life. I Love So Much!! Really he is very very good. Honestly,... you make a romantic comedy become a sweet and heartwarming drama to watch by u'r dialogue, gesture, look and kiss to your heroine. Ở tuổi 45, tài tử họ Cha là sao nam hàng đầu xứ Củ sâm. 251 March 3, 2018 March 3, 2018. I like him a lot :), nono Jan 08 2014 10:16 am Mary ann bartolome Mar 17 2013 4:24 am phee Aug 27 2018 10:21 pm Jebal...The Hottest Actor... Daebak.. Oppa, Saranghae... paria Nov 16 2013 2:46 pm You are superb when it comes to acting. A talented actor with happy family. your my best korean actor. He does everything to protect his family. I love the drama you act in, the greatest love, it is my most favorite drama. dian Apr 21 2012 3:07 am After proving his versatility in other genres, notably in the period thriller Blood Rain (2005) and the melodrama My Son (2007), Cha's popularity continued with the television series Bodyguard (2003), City Hall (2009), The Greatest Love (2011), and Hwayugi (2017). kinggofing Oct 25 2014 5:33 pm I think he is one of the best korean acters ever! [3], Although his debut film Holiday In Seoul (1997) and many of his subsequent roles did not establish him as a major star, he attracted attention in 2000 for his performance as an arsonist in the firefighting film Libera Me. an attractive man?❤️, Heaven4ever Oct 12 2020 12:38 pm hi sir i am your great fan i like your acting so much and u look very handsome, Czarina Jul 11 2014 9:29 am Actually I'm new fan of you and already watched your drama the greetest love. 399k Followers, 1 Following, 67 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 차승원 (@70csw) oppa you are so handsome, shin Dec 15 2017 3:55 pm A very naive man yet deep inside very romantic, you can't help falling in love with him.. that's I'm looking forward to finish his new comedy love drama..His very funny there and lovely.. i wish i see your new comedy drama so soon. I like him so much..:). I love dokko-jin!!! hai hero i am from india (tamilnadu) you r the best you always rocking.i really like your acting, comedy,expression and words to say ......especially my mom like your greastest love series...... saranya Jul 26 2014 1:06 pm Nationality: South Korean. It's a torture for CSW fans like me to wait that long!! Saranghee!! The best Korean Actor.. I really enjoyed "the greatest love" and "city hall". Dear Mr Cha Seung Won..... [33][34][35], Cha made his theater debut in 2012 in the stage play Bring Me My Chariot Fire alongside Japanese actors Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Ryōko Hirosue, Teruyuki Kagawa, and Korean veteran actor Kim Eung-soo. [CDATA[ ;D, valeria Aug 10 2012 3:49 am kay Aug 25 2016 11:04 am Hope he gets Best Actor for 2011 playing Dokku Jin in the Greatest Love. Cha Seung Won sinh năm 1970, 18 tuổi đã vang danh nhờ vai trò người mẫu. Just like it perfectly fit w/ you. Whats with the "Fashion king"?! Su L Aug 24 2016 9:48 pm Please do go to visit your fan club in Thailand. © Diễn viên nam Cha Seung-won sinh ngày 7-6-1970 tại Thành phố Gyeonggi, nước Hàn Quốc. I hope you will promote YAAS and have a fan meeting around my region. Cha Seung Won va juca rolul lui Jung Man Soo, rezidentul de la vila Chungwoon, care are mai multe locuri de muncă pentru a-și crește fiul ca tată singur. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); [20][21][22] 2010 was a busy year for him,[23][24] with Cha appearing in two films, the Lee Joon-ik-helmed period actioner Blades of Blood,[25] and Korean War film 71: Into the Fire,[26][27][28] followed by spy series Athena: Goddess of War. Look forward to watching the show. In the greatest love, love you as an actor, my work is done. Will be checking out of his work. Ông sinh thuộc cung Song Tử, cầm tinh con (giáp) chó (Canh Tuất 1970). I'm from the USA but I could say for sure that Cha Seung Won is way better than Brad Pitt!! here in the philippines is airing the greatest love which i love the most,its funny,romantic,love the attitude its cute & love the cast so much...the lead actor is great now im falling for him...joke inspire me i wish i could find someone like you in the future...hope to watch more of your movies. Send you love from Indonesia oppa...^^ Hwaiting! Hope you read this, I love your character Can't wait to see more shows with this actor. I recently saw it and was completely blown away. u were just damn good.. great actors and actress! I am totally in love with him.. TGL is my fav drama up till now. Pe 23 iunie, s-au început filmările pentru “Cheer up, Mr. Lee” (titlu în lucru). i watched greatest love since then i started to like you,your acting is awesome. Seung-Won Cha, Actor: Hwajeong. Am your avid fan, though am already 60. He is the best Korean drama of all time.. Sachiko Nov 09 2015 9:47 pm It sounds he's chewing his tongue when he talks. real MAN! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); he can do comedy to a very emotional acting real quick. daebak! .mr. loved ur acting.. <3 n u too.. Mhonic Cruz Panuringan Apr 11 2014 6:30 am he so handsome...he is really looks like my younger brother especially in his tv series the greatest love! Cha Seung-won memulai karirnya sebagai model fesyen pada tahun 1988-an. I want to see you more, CSW. You're an interesting person????? And then found that Cha Seung Won oppa is really funny, charming, cool, and handsome Stunningly good looking, body to die for, Dedicated husband & Dad, is every woman dream. Đây là một tên người Triều Tiên, họ là Cha.. Cha Seung-won (sinh ngày 7 tháng 6 năm 1970) … I'm 22 (and my dad 51 so supposed u'll be my uncle in ur 42 xoxo) buuut..for god's sake! Even if his family are the one in the wrong. ainie Sep 26 2011 10:04 pm cherrie Apr 17 2013 2:33 am <3 <3<3, S.K. Surface Laptop Go; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 2; Surface Book 3 He's so hot and a vetaran in acting. //